The Glass Hotel- Mandel Does It Again

My favourite read during quarantine has been Station Eleven By Emily St. John Mandel. Station Eleven is a timely novel (it is about the aftermath of a global pandemic), that explores the idea of what would become of civilization. The novel is beautifully written; Mandel is a master at seamlessly jumping timelines and POVs. In finishing this novel, I was eager to read more of her work- thats when I picked up The Glass Hotel with high hopes in it being as good as its predecessor.

I was not disappointed. Mandel had done it again! The Glass Hotel is an enchanting story of wealth, beauty, crime, ghosts and moral compromise. It follows the story of Vincent a bartender from a small island in British Columbia, Jonathan Alkaitis who works in finance, and Leon Prevant a shipping executive. The story centres around the disappearance of Vincent on the deck of one of Prevant’s ships, and a ponzi scheme that ravishes New York.

I do not wish to spoil the novel with detailed plot points, I think Mandel’s novels are best read with little to no prior knowledge. If you enjoyed Station Eleven or enjoy novels that involve many plots and character POVs, than you will enjoy The Glass Hotel (and I loved the little easter eggs she threw in throughout the novel) . Mandel’s standout writing is what makes this novel so entertaining to read. While I appreciate the themes and overall story of Station Eleven more than The Glass Hotel; I am in constant awe of her creativity in creating these elaborate yet intensely interesting stories.

I would recommend picking up this book! If you want to explore Mandel’s bibliography maybe start with Station Eleven, as overall it is the better novel, BUT The Glass Hotel is a great follow-up novel to the enormous success that was Station Eleven.

4/5 Stars

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~ Rebecca X

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